Saturday, January 19, 2013

Girl stuff

I found a red trench coat, bold and cheerful, at the thrift store down the road, but I have many other cheerful and bold red items of different hues which prevent me from wearing it. I can get away any combination of two of the following cheerful and bold items: backpack, knee-high wool socks, skirt or dress, sweater, scarf, etc., but any of these items pushes the coat over the edge. Even if all these items were from the very same dye lot, five feet and ten inches of cheerful and bold is just too much.

And if I'm not wearing a cheerful and bold red, then my outfit probably involves some shade of purple, or a bright green, so the trench coat either clashes or makes me look like a gargantuan Christmas elf.

 I'll have to think "serious and subdued" when I'm getting dressed, and then surprise myself with the trench coat.

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