Friday, May 24, 2013

This awestruck profile of a presumed edgy artist in Indianapolis made me laugh, but the longer I sit with it, the more depressed it makes me:

“I have very specific ideas of what I think is cool, and what I think is lame,” Graves said. Something cool to her would be music by Chopin, or really any music that’s played in minor keys. “I like that mournful sound,” she said. Something lame would be the Kardashians.

She resembles the characters she paints. Her hair is dyed pink, her skin is pale. The effect is elfin. Mab isn’t her real name (she borrowed it from Shakespeare’s Queen Mab, a magical fairy who facilitates dreaming,” but she won’t say what her real name is. In fact, she won’t give much personal information. She has three sisters, her parents live in Greenwood, she does yoga, she drinks green tea, she’s reading Edgar Allan Poe. That’s about it.
            Her telephone answering machine says it all. “This is Mab. You’ll never catch me.”

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