Sunday, May 4, 2014

Here is something that annoys me about older people (meaning at this point in history, Baby Boomers.) I'm writing it down so that in case I get old and start doing it, you can point me to this and shut me up.

Older people will often start singing songs from the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties, but then in feigned self-consciousness, they will stop abruptly and and say "Oh, well, you're too young to remember that song."

The thing is that everybody knows that song, unfortunately, because 1/3 of the music radio stations in the country are devoted to playing music from the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties, and even if you never choose to listen to those radio stations, you cannot go to the hardware store, the pizza place, the bank, or the gas station without being exposed to this music.

I mean seriously, they will do this with the Beach Boys and the Beatles.

Don't they hear the wheezing, hacking sound of their generation, amplified throughout the nation by a machine that provides artificial respiration as well?

A former boss once actually stopped himself from talking about record players and said "Well, you're too young to know about record players."

Will I do this in the future? It's hard to know what will persist from my generation, which doesn't have as monolithic a soundtrack and youth culture as the Boomer generation did.

On the other hand, sometimes B.Boomers will gaily ramble along in some idiom which is foreign to me, and I do have to give them the blank stare of an unenlightened youth. But I usually don't have to wait long before they enlighten me.

Love ya, old peeps!

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  1. Fr. John did this today at coffee hour but it was about a TV show theme song. He's Gen X, so you should start falling in to the same trap in ~15 years. ;)