Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To the tune of "Woke Up This Morning" by Blind Whoever:

Woke up this morning
Woke up this morning
Woke up this morning
I couldn't breathe
So I made a calzone

Well, there wasn't anything else to take to workschool (I never know which to call it) for lunch, and not being able to breathe was making me too mad to stay in bed!

Not to complain, but, to complain: sleeping (and actually, satisfying most basic bodily needs) is hard when you're eight months knocked up. Allergies on top of that just feels grossly unfair. (As I told my dad last night when he said "poor thing" to me, "Not being able to inhale makes it hard to inhale tacos.")

Suffering from allergies during the month before one's due date is not as unfair as being thrust into labor by vomiting due to influenza, which memory my supervisor recently shared with me. Good grief.

Anyway, I like being up early, and now I have a calzone.

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