Friday, February 1, 2013

Auspice and definite resolution.

A full day of school, unusual for a Friday. It was surprisingly jolly, for being lots of school on a Friday. We came home in good spirits. I attended to my sourdough... organism, and started some dough for actual bread. It's not too hard to substitute sourdough starter for flour, water, and yeast in a normal bread recipe (after all,) so I've been making some Compromise Bread.

Now that I commit it to print, "Compromise Bread" sounds like a grim way to end the week. Who wants a sandwich?

Weirdly enough, the week began with the thump of a HAWK flying into our car as we drove onto the interstate. Enough stuff happened during the week that "Compromise Bread" sounds particularly depressing to me, and then finally, yesterday, my dad sawed off part of his finger. Is that a strange week, or what?


  1. "Compromise Bread" makes me think of "eating humble pie," or as Joseph Heller has been saying a lot in Catch-22 "eating your liver," which I take to mean something like contemplatively and mournfully chewing the cud of your own bad luck. Have you heard that term?

  2. Huh, I did a quick google of the term, and saw (on a stupid forum that I'm not going to link) someone speculating that it just refers to doing something you don't want to do.

    I realized today that "Conciliatory Bread" might sound more appetizing than "Compromise."