Monday, February 24, 2014

Smoothie + I'm boring

I was never a smoothie person, but when my midwife told me that I wasn't eating enough I started experimenting. My favorite so far is PB + Choc + Banana. Here is the basic structure:

Two tablespoons of PB
Generous tablespoon or more of cocoa powder
1/2 to one whole banana (the riper, the sweeter and the frozener, the colder, obviously)

That's all. You could enjoy this during Lent if you use coconut milk or whatever. It's a good way to get outside of some peanut butter without having to eat another sandwich. I throw in some yogurt these days and I have been very naughtily sneaking in a spoonful of Nutella because I'm trying to get rid of it before Lent. But to balance out the naughtiness I also have been including:

-Liquid whey left over from cheese making (I don't have to tell you how smug I feel about being able to say that... don't get too impressed though, all I did was dump old kefir in a t-shirt over a bowl.) Whey is pretty much pure protein which is why muscle people take it. It's also probiotic since it's from kefir.
-Nasty sweet Omega 3-6-9 oil that I must take for my baby but hate to slurp alone
-Elderberry syrup, which is very sweet and delicious but also very good for you, so I think I won't stop taking it during Lent (because it's MEDICINE)
-Whatever fatty or fermented dairy is in my fridge
-A raw egg yolk (pastured! fresh! local! don't hit me!)

It basically tastes like a milkshake and makes me feel like a champion. It's a pretty enjoyable way to get some protein, and other than the Naughtella there's nothing in there I wouldn't feed to my own child.

I thought I had something to say that didn't have anything to do with food but now I can't think of it...

Looking forward to watching a college production of the Scottish play this weekend, having some girlfriends over, and going to really long services with lots of prostrations every day next week! The Canon of St. Andrew comes but once a year...

I'm reading Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives by Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica. It's very good, although I have a hard time concentrating on spiritual writings. It takes a different kind of attentiveness than writings which develop an argument. It requires more meditation than ratiocination, and I'm not very good at that.

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