Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Casual Straussian verbal tic:

"That's what Rousseau thinks too-- or, well, that's what he says anyway." I always do that.

I am going to be done working on May 16, at 36 weeks. The wheels just keep on rolling. A baby bucket list is in order. What will I wish I'd done before this little critter takes over my life? The sad (or happy) thing is that I can't think of much. So far my bucket list looks like this:

1. Finish the icon (My teacher thinks this is feasible, but I worry.)
2. Figure out the no-poo method once and for all.... no, that's too much work.
3. Re-read some Plato, probably Phaedrus (Feasible.)

Should I attribute this paucity of ambition to my general satisfaction with life, or to my lack of imagination? Really, with only 10 clumsy weeks of pregnancy left, I don't have time for anything grand, like French fluency or financial independence. I imagine that hippos and orca whales don't spend much time wishing to fly. Matt is furiously reading Kant against the day when he will be too bleary eyed to see the small print. I don't do very many things furiously.

All the other things I want/need to do are practical or baby-related, and so they don't belong on the bucket list. Gather all the stuff, put some meals in the freezer.

One pleasant and helpful thing that I do plan to do is swim in the last weeks. (Terrible sentence!) My sister works at a gym and for letting her give me a tour, I earned a two week free pass, which I plan to redeem after I stop working. Swimming every day sounds like good preparation for baby, and it's an appropriate goal for a large aquatic mammal like myself.

Having fun and relaxing with friends, family and myself is really the main thing. Am I missing anything?

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