Friday, May 9, 2014

Coffee probs

It doesn't really "work" when you "use" it as a drug to pump you up. It only works when you enjoy it purposefully. If I'm tired, busy, and not having a great day, I often fantasize about a beautiful cup of coffee. But most of the time, when I'm already tired and busy and not having a great day, I don't have the time to make a beautiful cup of coffee.

When I drink it every day, I don't enjoy it. After I have one great cup, I try to recreate the experience the next day, but the pleasure returns definitely diminish. I have to deprive myself for a couple of days before it tastes like heaven again.

I swore at the beginning of the school year that I would never use this wretched Keurig robot in the teacher's lounge, but I am ashamed to admit that over the school year I have probably trashed about 15 unrecyclable little cups, and for what? For a very mediocre cup of coffee that took 30 seconds to make. If you only have 30 seconds to make a cup of coffee then you do not have time to enjoy a cup of coffee.

The best cup of coffee is usually planned and longed for a couple of days in advance.

I really shouldn't be drinking coffee at all, I know. My poor child! He or she will be born sarcastic and jittery.

P.S. Words that I worry the child will repeat in public: banal, barbaric and bourgeois. "Shh! Those are words we only use at home."


  1. Nah, your baby will be fine.

    I agree RE: drinkinh coffee. It is to be enjoyed at home or at a cafe, in peace or with loved ones, and from a container made out of glazed ceramic. Anything else is sin.

    1. You might be joking about the sin part but I think it's not far off! Too bad the coffee at our church is so sinfully wretched.

      Also, hey, what was that hilarious quote from that Orthodox bishop about posting on weblogs? I was trying to remember it the other day.

    2. Are you referring to what Geoff T. jokes about? "Normal, well-balanced people do not post on web-logs"?

    3. Yes! That was a real thing, right?

    4. It wasn't a bishop, it was just some Russian guy. But, yes, that's the quote.