Saturday, July 12, 2014

First things first.

Here is something that I keep wanting to say on Facebook in re: extremely immoderate debates about the Hobby Lobby brouhaha, but I'm not sure it would be helpful. So I will say it here where only a bunch of my cronies who agree with me will read it. Great.

Do you people (not you people, the other people not reading this) not understand that Christians are opposed to abortion primarily because we believe it to be murder? MURDER. Sexual ethics come into it for most of us, in at least a secondary way, but the main problem is that we believe it to be the destruction of a human life, a soul that's just been united with a body, and either is or has the potential to become a person.  That's it. That's the reason.

Why wouldn't you want to respect that belief? Don't you agree that Murder Is Bad, especially murder of an innocent? You do not agree that abortion is murder because you do not agree that an embryo/fetus is a human life, and you do not like the consequences of calling it murder, but can you see why we would be upset about it? If you can't hold the idea that somebody thinks abortion is murder in your head for more than a second before rejecting it and moving onto women's rights, then I think Western civilization is over.

Murder is pretty much the worst thing you can do. If there is any question in your mind whether you are murdering someone or not, would you not want to err on the side of not murdering someone?

This has been my question pretty much since sixth grade or whenever I learned about abortion. It is a very simplistic and probably childish one, but I don't see how you can get around it without absolutely proving that an embryo/fetus is not a human life. That is not a provable thing one way or the other (although in the case of a viable fetus it seems so obvious to me,) but I think that you don't have to be a Christian to give the potential victim the benefit of the doubt. You can talk all you want about the sex stuff and the social consequences of "stigmatizing" abortion as murder, but you have to do it in the shadow of death, or the truth is totally not in you. That is why I appreciate, in a murky perverse way, people like Naomi Wolf, because at least she admits that abortion is murder, and even child sacrifice. She continues to support it, but at least she is barefaced in her wickedness and does not hide it behind the mask of humanitarianism.


I could write a very long post about breastfeeding and changing diapers today, but I probably won't, because I have other plans like walking Barnacle Boy down to the Farmers' Market to buy some more ravishingly sexy tomatoes, mailing all the thank you cards (no more extremely generous favors, please! I'm running out of cards!), going to the library, having a friend visit and maybe visiting a friend, and probably doing some breastfeeding and some diaper changing. My main question is how to get poop off of cloth diapers without getting it onto everything else.


  1. Good post. It seems like it should be clear as day, but apparently not everyone walks around with open eyes.

    As far as diapers, dunk the whole poopy diaper in the toilet (cover and all if you need to) and then wring it out a little. Then later when you wash your diapers it should come right out. Is that what you were even asking?

    1. But... gahh... don't you get poop on your HANDS that way??? Toilet water at least?? I suppose that's the nature of the beast.

      I've started using a diaper pail that my mom gave me but it's so huge that it tempts me to leave way too many diapers in there for way too long. I almost threw up when I had to empty it. My mom suggested I might be better off with a one gallon ice cream bucket. :)

    2. You mean no one told you what you signed up for?!

      I'm reminded of my dear husband, who hates using cloth diapers. He had to change a poopy one once (and this was after starting solids, so not the milder bfed poop), and he was so disgusted that he declared we would never use cloth again and he threw the whole thing in the garbage! I just laughed at him and continued using cloth.

      Did you know that with bf poop you can usually just not even bother to rinse and it all comes right out in the wash anyway? The rinsing does become necessary after starting solids though...

    3. That's so funny! And wow, his first poopy diaper was after solid foods? You are so much more generous than me.

      You know, I pretty much guessed that you could just throw it all in the wash, but I felt gross thinking about the level of poop concentration in the water that was supposed to be getting everything clean. It's one of those things where I thought "well I sort of don't care at this point but surely if anyone found out...." But now I know that you did it so maybe I won't scruple to throw a few nasty ones in there. Hah!

      It's funny how much we fumble in the dark, holding onto whatever social conventions our fingers can find as guide lines, instead of actually thinking through things and making our own decisions. Learning how to parent is certainly a mixture of both. That's culture for you I guess.