Tuesday, September 16, 2014

For Hannah, who gave us this camera

The entrance to our apartment, in the back of the house.

Our little patio, which grows lovelier with every dead mosquito.

The front of the house.


Living room of the Man Upstairs. He is kind enough to share it with us.

The kitchen, which I am always changing. I like the galley set up.

My dishwashing view. Except I don't wash the dishes too much, since we have a dishwasher. This violates my principles of Simplicity and Elbow Grease but it does make life easier.

Um, this is out of place, because it's in Pittsburgh.

Me and bubs on the patio

The approach. I will die on the stairs, I know it,

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  1. Thanks Mallory! :) (I'm honored...) Looks like a nice and cozy place. So good to see the pic of you and bubby. :) Miss you!

    1. Miss you too! I think about you a lot as I'm figuring out this lonely baby mama in a new city thing... God bless you in the new year, with all your autumn ventures and hopes! :)