Monday, September 15, 2014

I have several posts in the "hopper," or "pipeline," (or "chute... tubes.....?" as I called it, when I asked my dad how his sales were doing) which I hope to finish, but finishing is harder for me than starting. I'll tell you what they're about.

1. A post about St. Catherine of Alexandria, which is turning into a short story about St. Catherine of Alexandria. The question driving both of these examinations is:  

Why, upon her holy demise by beheading, does milk run from her neck instead of blood? 

Something about fruitfulness of virginity and the contemplative life, despite the charges from the World that philosophy is barren.

2. Pictures of our apartment, for the enjoyment of friends who are not on Facebook.

3. My foolproof instructions on making soup in a certain way, from which I never deviate.

4. Various anecdotes. These might never see the light of day.

5. Emotional navel gazing stuff, especially about worrying.

I write a lot in my mind as I'm walking, rocking, nursing, etc., but it's hard to sit down and pound it out.

Here's a little quote just for fun.

Me: So and so's wife is a very chic girl. She is the manager of an Anthropologie store.
Matt, in total sincerity: Is that the store that sells various... topical... agents.... for diseased skin?

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  1. Looking forward to all of them, whenever you get around to them, especially the soup and the pictures. (Although I plan to get on facebook some time soon, at least, that's what I keep saying. :) Oh, and I write in my head all the time. Probably a third of what I want to write gets written. That's probably a good thing! :) The quote gave me a good laugh!