Wednesday, September 3, 2014

the five Ss of NOT getting your baby to sleep

SMACK his little buns with increasing vigor because this used to work

SWEAR under your breath between shushes

SIP a stiff one

SMOKE a fat one

SURRENDER to the realization that this just might not be a sleeping day

don't call DCS; these are all jokes (except the last one!)


  1. I've heard that the first 18 years are the hardest. #Itgetsbetter

  2. I feel for you! I have vivid memories of trying everything under the sun to get my oldest baby to sleep. It can get pretty ridiculous. It's hard to keep out the despair. Hang in there. Somehow the days will pass and before you know it, you'll have a baby who sleeps (says the woman who no longer has any babies under 1!)

  3. This gave me a good chuckle! You found the key in the fifth S. :)